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Saturday Russian School of Arts PROGRESS         

Saturday Russian School of Arts is a program for children  to maintain and continue learning or beginning to learn Russian gramma. Our goal is to preserve the Russian language, heritage and identity. We offer intercultural classes for children who are new to Russian culture and language.


If your children still speak some Russian, we will help maintain and enhance their verbal and writing skills through reading, writing, conversation, singing, art, music and games. Russian School of Arts will help your children to keep the culture of their birth country. Saturday Russian School of Arts will help to close a gap between Russian speaking parents and their first generation American children. Children learn Russian through play, songs, poems, story-telling, and arts and crafts.


Parents of the youngsters taking the class have found that their children are more comfortable speaking Russian and more willing to dabble in it.

Classes are held every Saturday from 12:30pm 3:30 pm.(no classes on weekends which 

come on federal holidays)


$100 a month.


Annual $115 registration fee.


You can choose the “drop off” option for $35 per class one or two times a month

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